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What took place in the past?
There is something different for 2020
How can you be part of the Telford Big Sleep Out?

In the past


Stay-Telford has hosted the annual “Stay Out” fundraiser to raise money and awareness of homelessness within the borough of Telford and Wrekin.

The event has involved members of the public, local businesses. clubs and community groups coming together armed with cardboard boxes, tents, sleeping bags and any other items suitable for spending a night out on the street. 

Participants have created their own home for a night out of the items brought with them, bedding down in a car park and braving the cold overnight temperatures that many face on a night by night basis.

Collecting sponsorship from friends and family, everyone taking part has helped fund the much-needed accommodation and support provided by Stay-Telford.

The contribution of Stay-Telford to the local community has been incredibly valuable throughout its existence.


Like Stay-Telford, Maninplace has offered its own annual fundraiser, “Carry the load”.  The aim of this event was to raise money and awareness of those sleeping rough in our borough, and to celebrate the work being done to offer emergency and temporary accommodation to those in need.

The event involved a sponsored walk from Wellington to Telford Town Centre carrying a mattress, or other bedding items for those less able to carry heavy mattresses.

To add an extra element of fun to the event, fancy dress themes were added.

There is something different for 2020

Stay-Telford and Maninplace will be teaming up to create one big fundraising and awareness event this Autumn.

Due to the ongoing health crisis of Covid-19, we are planning a different look event this year, but one that everyone can take part it!

When and where?

The fundraising event will be taking place on Friday 20th November 2020.

Details regarding venue, times and all other info you will need to be part of this big event will be released soon.

So keep those eye peeled….

Who can take part?

#TBSO is open to anyone wishing to take part and who is suitably fit to do so, factoring in the ability to walk 3 miles and spend a night in cold temperatures.

Register to take part

To help us organise the event, we need you to register your place for the Telford Big Sleep Out. Click the “sign up” button below and fill out the short form. Once you have registered will you contact you soon to confirm all the details for the event.


Stay-Telford and Maninplace value your privacy, we will not pass your details to any third parties or sell your data to any other company or service. We are collecting your details solely for the purposes of running the Telford Big Sleep Out and so we can keep you updated with all event details. Your information will be kept secure at all times and will only be used for the purposes set out on this website. When you sign up, we will ask you if we can contact you about future events and the work of Stay-Telford and Maninplace, you are free to choose if you wish to be contacted by us in future and you can change your mind at any time.